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Manage the impact of large parties on already limited parking, bathrooms, shaded seating in the pavilion, pool seating, noise level, and on other residents wanting to use the amenities at the same time. Pool parties require additional lifeguards to ensure pool safety.

Clubhouse kitchen, pavilion, playground, gazebo
�     Reserve these areas via www.shakeraghoa.com under �amenities�.
�     Parties with more than 50 attendees require board approval.
�     Reserving facilities for events more than 90 days ahead requires board approval.
�     Parking: Resident must ask invitees to park on only one side of the street or to walk to the area (if a nearby resident). Resident host is encouraged to use �Park on this side only� side signs that are in the storeroom at the pool. Resident is responsible for putting the signs out and returning them to the storeroom. If there is a tennis match at the same time, party attendees should park on the street.
�     Noise level (loud music) must not impact neighbors bordering the facility or other residents using the amenities.
�     After the party, all trash must be bagged up and put in the dumpster.
�     Use of 10 x 10 pop-up shade canopies is OK. Larger party tents require board approval.
�     Fire pits/bonfires on the grass and fireworks are not allowed.
�     The resident is responsible for the repair of any damage to the area incurred during their party.
�     Fees for cleaning and/or damage will put on the homeowner�s HOA account.

Important Information

Location: Between Devonhall and Laurelwood