Pool Rules

2024 Shakerag Pool Rules

Only residents of Laurelwood, Devonhall, Amberleigh and

Huntington and guests who attend with residents may use

the pool.

It is swim at your own risk whether or not a lifeguard is on duty.

It is everyone’s responsibility to be mindful of each other and always

put safety first. This is particularly true when the lifeguard is not on

duty, taking a break, or performing the closing activities.

Children under age 12 must be accompanied at all times by an

attendant who is at least 15 years of age. If a child under the age

of 12 is left unattended, they will not be permitted to swim.

No running, boisterous conduct, vulgar language, pushing or shoving

others into the pool, or jumping onto rafts from the pool deck.

No dangerous objects (such as tennis balls, footballs, frisbees, etc.)

in the pool or pool area. At the lifeguard’s discretion, objects such as

large rafts and tubes may be banned from the pool if deemed unsafe.

No skateboards, scooters, bicycles, or roller-skates in the pool area.

No glass, metal, sharp objects, or hazardous materials are allowed in

the pool area.

Food and drink are allowed on the pool deck. No eating or drinking

while in the pool or sitting on the edge of the pool. You are

responsible for cleaning up the area where you have consumed food

or drinks, including under the table.

No smoking, vaping, or e-cigarettes in the pool area or on the deck

outside the pool entrance.

Persons with open sores or cuts are not permitted in the pool.

Diving and flips are not permitted during open (non-swim team)


No pets are allowed in the pool area or left unattended outside the

pool area.

The lifeguard break begins at 50 minutes past each hour and ends at

the new hour. Everyone must clear the pool until the lifeguard

announces “Zone clear”, after which the pool may be used for lap

swim only.

The wading/baby pool is NOT monitored at any time and is

always used at your own risk. Please actively watch over anyone who

is using the wading pool.

It is mandatory for all persons not toilet trained and incontinent

individuals to wear swim diapers and plastic swim pants at all times in

either the wading pool or the main pool. Disposable or cloth diapers

are not swim diapers.

Patrons must bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfectants to wipe

down surfaces before and after use.

Pool chairs can only be reserved when you are physically present at

the pool. Whenever possible and particularly on peak attendance

days, please consolidate your belongings and allow others to use the

deck chairs if you are not sitting on them.

This is a family facility. Proper attire must be worn at all times

(bathing/swim suits). Underwear and thongs are not acceptable.

Vulgar or offensive language will not be tolerated. Offenders will be

asked to leave immediately.

The lifeguard’s word will be final when enforcing pool rules. They

have the authority to ask patrons to sit out of the pool or leave the



The lifeguards are responsible for keeping our restrooms clean

within reasonable limits. If you find unsatisfactory conditions in any

restroom, please notify the lifeguards.

Parties: All residents planning a community or private party at the

pool MUST reserve the facility through the Shakeraghoa.com website

at least two weeks in advance. Go to www.shakeraghoa.com, click on

“Activities” on the menu bar and then click on “Reservations”. Your

reservation is non-exclusive, meaning other residents will be using

the pool at the same time as your party. You are responsible for

scheduling and paying for additional lifeguards. This can be done at

www.amspoolsga.com under “pool party reservations”.

Pool Hours: The pool is generally open daily from 11:00am to 9:00pm

with the exception of Shakerag Shark Swim Meets and school days.

The 2024 Pool Schedule will